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About Me

I am 74 years of age.  I retired a few years ago but have recently gone back to work as a truck driver on the local level.  So between working and Amateur Radio and Photography I am kept pretty busy.


World War II Aircraft come to Conway, Arkansas

Dayton Hamvention

The Largest gathering of Amateur Radio  Operators ih the United States

Places I Would Like To Go In Arkansas And Take Pictures

I would like to go to Jasper and then to Ponca and Boxley Valley


About Me

Amateur Radio

I enjoy getting out with the camera and taking pictures of just about anything.  The fun is in taking the pictures and having to get out and go somewhere to do it.

I am 74 years of age and by the remarks to each side of this panel I am still a busy man even though I am retired and I hope I don’t slow down for a long time.

I am also a Amateur Radio operator this hobby is what led me to get into photography because there is always some kind of function going on that could use a photographer.